Beers are being downed, people are getting tipsy. Soon speaking in a clear way becomes quite of a challenge, specially if you’re trying to speak Portuguese.  Maybe that’s why Brazilians have developed this particular “boteco language”: an elegant and slick sign language. From asking for another round to closing the bill, there are so many gestures that a gringo might find it difficult to keep track of.

But do not worry my friend. The Nonverbal Brazilian Boteco Dictionary is here to solve this problem. Here you will find many gestures, signs and so on that will guide you in communicating like a true Boteco’s local.

And for those who already know this charming language by heart, this dictionary is a homage to this unique Brazilian driking experience.

To all the Botequeiros, experienced or not, Cheers!

Check the full project with translation here:
Project By: Nei Valente (art direction), Fred Gallo (copy), Thiago Maziero (photography) and Denise Guerschman (production)
With help from: Edu Massak, Willian Santaella and Akira Martins
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