When the temperature rises, Coney Island's boardwalk reemerges with the energy accumulated during the colder months. People from all over New York City take the subway down to South Brooklyn to enjoy the beach and amusement parks of the place once known as "The People's Playground."

During its complex history, the neighborhood has experienced moments of glory, darkness, and a long period of decline after the great depression. More recently, Coney Island is undergoing an attempt to revitalize and is visited by people from many different backgrounds. Significant investments are now sharing the space with traditional local projects. While some consider these investments a way to re-create the "People's Playground", others are concerned with the impact that big real estate developers can cause in the area.

This street photography series started in 2017 and aims to capture the life and interactions of the famous boardwalk at this specific moment in its long journey. 
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