Bringing back the optimism to one of the most recognized brands of the world. 
Agency: Design Bridge
Team: Nei Valente (Senior Designer/Lead Designer and Illustration); Jonathon Smith and Viviana Florez (Senior Freelance Designers); Marisa Hagerty (Junior Designer); Sam Cutler (Creative Director); Claire Parker (Executive Creative Director); Marko Hoedl (Implementation Design); Josh Clare (Production); Sam Stucki (Illustration); James Morgan (Motion); Fontsmith (Typeface Development); Stefanie Gilmore (Strategy); Cristina Tazza (Strategy Director) Rose Akehurst and Tayler Spellis (Client Services). Smile logo previously designed by "The Partners"
App for Colgate Smart Toothbrush
Team: Internal Colgate Team (UX); Nei Valente (Look n' Feel and storytelling);  Designers); Sam Cutler (Creative Director); Partners In Crime (Illustration and Iconography); Tayler Spellis (Client Services)

Packaging for the first ever Colgate recyclable tubes
Team: Nei Valente (Design Director); Trang Le (Freelance Designer); Jess Marie (Creative Director); James Morgan (Motion Director); Gan Lin (3d designer); Tayler Spellis (Client Services)

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