The first Brazilian book on Multisensory Branding.
Read the first pages of my book at Clube de Autores ( - Available in Portuguese Only. 

Bringing together knowledge of different areas, such as Anthropology, Neuroscience, Semiotics, Psychology, Arts & Branding, the book is the result of a year of intense research on the subject. Hence, giving the reader the proper tools to study, create and sustain brands with a multisensory appeal, that go beyond its simple Visual Identities. 
The Brand
The Signifying Process
A Multisensory Experience
Dynamic Logos; Shapes in Products or Packages; Style; Color; Movement; Uniforms and Clothing
Sonic Identity; Sonic Logo; The Product's Sound; Sound Landscapes
The Touch of a Product or Package; The Role of Touch at Food Retail; Texture at Promotional Materials; Weight and the Product's Perception; Temperature as a Branding Tool; Pain and its Meaning
The Product's Smell; Retail Ambient Scenting; Aromatic Advertising
Associating a Brand and a Taste; Blending Flavors at the Food Industry; Edible advertising
Final Thoughts

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