We were invited to work on the identity for a new sandwich shop in São Paulo, Brazil. The owner, Craig Rowbottom, is a British chef based in Brazil that had the desire to bring some of his favorites international flavors to his new home. We were asked to create an identity that differentiates the sandwich shop from the hundreds of trendy burger shops in São Paulo and that feels personable, just like Craig treats his guests on the everyday.

After some conversations, we discovered that his youth nickname back in the UK was Bear, so we decided to bring a little bit of him to the name of the shop, Bear Bite, and to the visual identity. The bear is brought to life showing all its appetite in multiple positions. The simple illustration style combined with a single-minded color palette and raw materials makes it really easy to reproduce the identity with low-cost print techniques in the most diverse applications such as cement walls, one-color print menus, stamps for packaging, and stickers. This way we can bring the artisanal feel of Bear's sandwiches to every point of interaction, from the facade of the space to the sandwich wrap paper. 

Design: Marcelo Siqueira and Nei Valente 
Naming: Victoria Wrigley
Architecture: Larissa Burke


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