Babilônia Norte


Babilônia Norte – A transmedia project aimed to change a forbidden part of the city.
Brasilia is a city that was built from scratch to be the capital of Brazil, in 1960. The blocks are based on an urbanistic plan model, making them all pretty much the same.  Instead of having street names, the addresses are based on a numeric code from 1 to 16 and are divided between Southern Wing and Northern Wing. But, in the middle of the sameness, there is a block that stands out to be different: that’s 205/6 Northern, AKA Babilônia Norte.  By making a transmedia project, a brand was created for the block, reinforcing its nickname Babilônia Norte and positioning it as an artistic and cultural venue in the city. In short term, the block that usually was seen as an awkward place now is being seen as a space that represents art and culture in the city.
Team: Coletivo Capadócia (Nei Valente, Fred Gallo, Elias Guerra, Renan Montenegro, Pato Sardá)
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Posters making of
Full movie in portuguese only.

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