Rebranding an italian restaurant
Andiamo has been a Brazilian establishment for Italian cuisine since 1992. Having never previously invested in advertising, they had a desire to improve awareness and attract a new audience and decided to refresh their brand architecture and visual identity.

We conducted a full rebrand process, starting with detailed quantitative and qualitative research, followed by a restructuring of their communications strategy and visual identity.

Agency: Epigram Brand Union São Paulo
Team: Marcelo Bicudo, Lauro Augusto and Priscila Salviano (Creative Direction); Nei Valente (Design); Juliana Maklouf (Art Assistant); Marcela Cirmino (Strategy); Thiago Tavares and Andrea Avedissian (Copywriting); Paulo Alimonda, Diandra de Andrade and Bruna Russo (Account), Jefferson Azevedo (Production)
Architecture: Vitor Penha

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